Wait, you really make money?

Yes, I’m a true business lady who makes money on her own. How hard can that be to understand? If I listen to my relatives, apparently me making money and not just freeloading around on welfare seems impossible concept. That’s why today we’re going to talk about my experiences as someone who doesn’t seem like the business type but still somehow has found her place on this word of making money on her own. How to deal with your family who just can’t understand what you’re doing?

My home is my office and so I just spend most of the days in my bed with the computer working. I live with my grandpa and so there’s a lot of relatives coming and going all the time. Sometimes I may be waiting for my tea water wearing only pajamas at 2 PM or just reading a book on the sofa with nothing better to do. Freeloader. That’s how people would see me. And that’s why it’s so hard for my family and relatives to understand that “yes, I really work hard and make my own money”.

You shouldn’t judge the book by its cover, right? When I’m making a full pot of tea it means I’m going to be working for the next six to seven hours. My family just sees me boiling the water and not writing furiously for hours locked in my own room. And when I’m reading on the sofa looking like I haven’t been up for hours doing anything productive there’re two main reasons why that would be happening:

  1. I have my day off. Every week I make time myself to have one full day off. Even if I’m working on my own, don’t I deserve one relaxation day every now and then?
  2. The reading may not be happening because I want to. The book may be for my next school essay (I study creative writing on the side) or for an article I’m currently writing for some interesting website.

That’s why the questions irritate me so much. You won’t see everything happening in my life so please stop judging. Not all people having their own business or trying to be a writer have to be productive 24/7 and dress like they’re always ready to go to an official meeting. Some of us just want to do our own thing behind closed doors. I’m not aiming for fame and money. Having just enough to live by writing my own things would be just fine for me.

A few weeks ago I was hanging out making tea and sandwiches like normally during my tea-break. My morning had been super productive so it was going to be a good day. I had just returned from a few weeks long trip to an all-inclusive hotel in Turkey (I’m not trying to flex but this is kind of important part of the story, okay?) so everything seemed to be so perfect. When you are far from home, you live in your own small bubble. No relatives questioning your motives or friends not fully understanding what you’re trying to do but still going with it.

Two weeks to forget how it feels to work at home, how it feels to be questioned.

My uncle arrived just when I was in the kitchen and proceeded to ask about my trip. Then it went back to the never-ending wondering: How can you have money to do a trip like that? Didn’t you just return from London? I answered like any business lady would after someone challenges their wealth. My answer was to clearly tell him that I’m earning income so I can use that money to whatever I want: traveling, saving for a home or buying too many cakes.

It’s my money that I have earned so no one else has any right to tell me how to use it!

His face was priceless. My uncle was quiet for a moment before answering with the most sincerely surprised voice:

“Wait, you really make money?”

The conversation ended quickly after that when I had explained to him slowly and precisely that for the last two years I have been making money by writing. I can’t even count how many times this conversation has been held between me and my family. For some reason, no one seems to believe it.

The week went by and I forgot this conversation. Believe it or not but there are a lot more important things to worry about when you’re trying to be a business girl. Then one early Sunday my cousin came for a quick visit and we had time to talk while I was reading a book in the living room. Apparently, my uncle couldn’t get over the fact that I’m making money. (I have no idea how they thought I was living and traveling…)

He had asked my cousin that did she know that I made money with my writings. Which my cousin had answered that of course, she knows. At least some people listen what I’m saying here. It has been almost two years now so hopefully, my relatives will slowly start to remember how I’m not constantly failing in my life.

How can it be so hard to understand that I can make money on my own? In my own opinion, I’m a somewhat skilled writer, always ready to try my best and never giving up. What else would I need to make this writing and business lady thing work?

I hope you enjoyed this too long rant and story. Have you ever had problems with friends or family understanding what you are doing? Like always all comments are more than welcome!

With love,
Viivi Severina


I’m not independent & strong girl boss

I love the empowering terms like girl boss, business lady, and independent woman. Those titles are worthy of pursuing. Maybe someday I can be one of these cool badass ladies? And still, the same terms can be the endless hole for us to dig ourselves in – for me and for other starting entrepreneur girls.

The current image of women in the business world is clear: endlessly positive, self-confident and ready to kick some ass. 

Of course, stories of people overcoming their fears and finding the way to follow their dreams despite what others men are saying are great inspiration for all the ladies around the world. Without examples from other business girls, I would have never given this crazy idea a go. This blog and me pursuing writing as a career would be just a lukewarm dream.

Somedays the perfect stories won’t work like they should. What can you do if the world makes you feel like you can never be that independent and strong girl boss? Shy, introverted and self-conscious ladies don’t have their place in the business girl world. Or so I feel on the bad days when no dream seems possible. Every success story I hear is from a woman who showed her middle finger to everyone else and decided to be herself without any restrictions.

Could someone speak about the part where you give up and start again just to give up for the millionth time?

What about stories of business ladies who can’t work their asses off daily because of depression or anxieties?

I want examples of entrepreneur ladies with failed businesses and bad ideas.

Where are all the stories of not feeling enough? Getting lost amongst all the amazing superwoman ladies with endless energy? Being boyish, not caring for makeup and listening to the opinions of everyone else – rarely your own?

I know it’s not just my problem. So many women wanting to start their own businesses are stopped by the society’s expectations. It used to be all about women not being ambitious enough for this world taken over by men. Now we are expected to be so much more. If you aren’t ready to be strong and independent, are you really worth the business lady title?

As a girl who is even scared of her own shadow getting over this image of girl bosses was hard. It’s still always at the back of my mind. I may travel alone around the world, gave up studying to write as my living and always fight against the expectations of my family but my life is still far from those graceful businesswomen who are leading the world.

My workweek has days I spend just watching the Netflix or sleeping until afternoon. After promising for myself to work for a few hours, it rarely ends up happening. My attention span is shorter than little kids’. You can find dirty clothes under my desk and used plates all around the floor. Let’s not even talk about the growing laundry mountain I have hidden out of my sight, out of my mind. My life is out of order so how could I be able to keep up with the business world?

It seems like to be a real businesswoman, lady entrepreneur or girl boss you have to run around day after day and never give yourself a break. For me – and so many other ladies – that’s just not possible. Whatever it’s about our own insecurities or other life problems, being that lawless badass boss girl wouldn’t work out. But in the end, I don’t think it matters.

In fact, it makes me even keener to succeed. If this socially anxious, not organized, lame, boyish, constantly failing, not goal-orientated and definitely not leader type girl can make it, anyone can. Are you ready to take in this adventure together with me? Wish me luck!

I’m not independent or strong girl boss but I’m a girl who is also a boss
and that should be enough.


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Girl Boss blogger

Blogger Girl Makes Business

Welcome to my yet another blog! (I think this is seventh…)

This blog will be part of my daily blogging challenge I gave myself this year so there will be new posts every Tuesday. The subjects will be everything related to business from me embarrassing myself as a lost girl with no sense of what I’m doing to tips I will learn the hard way. If you’re like me – a young lady wanting to find her place in the business world – I hope this blog will serve you as some kind of inspiration.

Believe me: in case I will succeed in this business thing anyone can do it!

Who am I?

Lost Viivi, Viivi Severina or just Viivi. I don’t really care how you call me. Names or remembering them have never been big things for me. Online I’m best known as the writer behind Go Travel Global blog but lately also as the blogger who has so many blogs that no one can keep up with all of them.

Daily blogging schedule:
[Mon: Reviews, Tues: BusinessWed: TravelThu: Reviews
Fri: WritingSat: ReviewsSun: LifestyleDaily: Photographs]

My story is long and full of challenges. Maybe someday I will share it with you but now it’s not the time. Shortly: I studied high school and job as an animal career at the same time. Decided to spend a gap year in Japan. Felt empty so I started blogging and out of nowhere my blog grew a lot. Everything was going well until I lost myself for everyone’s expectations. I studied business in university for a year but well that didn’t end like everyone was hoping.

While I was at the university, I found my calling as a content writer for others. That was almost a year ago. (Oh yeah, I’m 22 years old right now and having age crisis because the years are just running by…)

What is my business idea?

It’s easy and simple. I will write blog posts (mostly about traveling but really just about anything) for others. In some cases, I may write other content like product descriptions. Would you want to hire me? Feel free to send me an email and let’s talk more about this!


As a future plan: I will see where this goes. Maybe online courses, writing for bigger better-paying websites and then at some point starting to make more money out of my own blogs. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Why I’m writing this blog?

Lost Business Girl will be my learning diary. I will share all the bads and goods of being young girl boss. If I fail, you will know about it. If I succeed, you should try your own luck in the business world! Like the world “lost” tells you, I never know what I’m doing so literally anyone could be better at this than me. However, I won’t give up until I achieve my dreams!

With love,
Lost Viivi

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Photo: Brooke Lark